Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sarah's Wedding Hair and Make-up: August 15 2009

The Befores: She was already really pretty so I didn't even have to do much.

The Afters: She looked so pretty and her wedding turned out beautiful.(And she had the cutest little boy ever.) He looked so cute in his tux. :)

Friday, July 3, 2009


My family is the most supportive people in my life.
They are always there to let me try anything I would
like to do and they will always be there no matter what.
Thanks so much guys I love you all.

Brooke after the long weaving process... haha.


NAHA Photoshoot Entry.... :) February 2009

This is my North American Hairstyling Awards Entry:
I had an inspiration to do an old fashion Circus...
Click on the pictures for a better look...

The Acrobat

The Clown

The Lion Tamer

Perms Perms Perms....

I love doing perms. This is the before picture:

This is a picture during the processing time... Doesn't she look cute. :)

These are the ending results :) She is so pretty. I love you grandma!!!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Before and After Novermber 08

I cut and colored Natalies hair, I love her hair short and it frames her face so well. I love it. :)

Kelsie's Photoshoot August 2008

I took a MAC makeup class and here is some of my work.

Brooke Photoshoot March 08

This is a photoshoot I did with my older sister Brooke. We went downtown to an old graffiti building that was unfortunately demolished just a few days after the shoot. So we were lucky to get these awesome photos. Photography by Abbie Warnock